Stigma of Mental Health

We class ourselves as civilized, educated and accepting. The stigma of mental health is the ugly truth hiding away in the depths of our society. The stigma of mental health is fueled by ignorance and the over-dramatized, money grabbing media.

The Horror of Media Fueling The Stigma of Mental Health

A man staring at white noise on a tv - Stigma of Mental HealthThe media is one of the biggest contributors to stigma. I can recall numerous stories about people who have committed some kind of horror on others, and the media apply the label ‘mental health issues’ to make it sound as though all people who suffer from mental health issues are murderers or rapists.

I can even recall when a plane crashed that the pilot was taking antidepressants. Why is this important for the news story? It’s simply not important at all.

The media likes to add labels to make their stories get viewers so in return they can make profits. It’s all about the profit no matter who they destroy in the process. There is no accountability at all.

Seeing this on the news makes me feel more anxious, I relate these stories to me and want to cease any engagement with others. I know I won’t do the things they report, but it still effects me. It makes me wonder what others are thinking about me.

Turning A Blind Eye

It’s blindingly obvious people take on board the venomous labels attached by the media because of the way they react to others with mental health issues. I have seen this first-hand many times. I have even had this myself when a person will happily talk to your friend but then completely ignores you when you are alone.

People think they know best, they behave like sheep and either turn a blind eye or spread rumours and wrong information. The harm this causes can be irreversible.

Back In Time

I feel it’s like we have gone back to the dark ages at times. You used to be burned at the stake even if you had a twitch. Now you just get judged as being a murderer because you suffer from mental health issues.

I don’t think we ever go forward.

Celebrity Endorsement

I find it fantastic that so-called celebrities can come out of the closet, announcing they have mental health issues. I read recently about Maria Cary having bipolar, yes this brings awareness to mental health issues and prompts people to become educated. But at times it can have a negative effect, it can become trendy to suffer from depression or other mental health issues.


Stigma can help to fuel depression and anxiety. The symptoms become much worse and you feel helpless when the people around you seem to be against you. When people start to judge and talk about you, the immediate response is to recoil and lock yourself way and keep safe.

Your self-worth plummets to new depths.

Stand Up

It’s time to stand up and show people that many of us suffer from mental health issues throughout our lives. Educating about all the different forms of mental health can show others that there are many types.

Encouraging people to talk to each other is a good thing, I don’t feel it should ever have to be the norm to tell people that you have mental health problems. But if you do tell others you can start many conversations and you would be surprised by the responses. You should be able to do this on your own terms and in your own time.

The Inside

A Black And White Shot Of A Woman Looking Down - Stigma of Mental HealthWe are all the same on the inside, we think, breathe and hurt. And what we do most of all is feeling let down and worthless.
Try to think how your actions would affect others, what would it be like if it was one of your siblings that were suffering from mental health issues? What would you do? Ignore them, banish them?

Educate Yourselves

There are many charities all over the world, they can help to educate. Search ‘mental health charities’ and start by reading their websites. Many also offer leaflets that can give you up to date information on the different forms of mental health, medication, and treatments.

Why not try making the elephant in the room vanish by talking to someone with mental health issues, ask them how they are and talk openly about mental health.

Look After Yourself

A Woman Meditating On A Mountain - Stigma of Mental HealthIf you suffer from the effects of stigma and this exacerbates your mental illness, you can use many therapies to help you. Meditation is a good calmer and helps you gain peace of mind, the ‘Depression Free Method’ is a good course that can help you. You can read my review by clicking here.

Natural remedies are also a good option, you should consult your healthcare professional about these, you can read about 5-HTP here. remember to always make time for yourself, mental illness is part of you, be proud of yourself and your mental illness.

Have you faced stigma? Please comment below and share your stories. If you have any questions, please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.





  1. Hi Darrin,

    Thanks for posting. My sister, whom I care very much about, has suffered from mental and emotional health issues practically all her life due to a problem at birth. And she is one of the most courageous, persistent people I have ever met. She battles her challenges everyday, and with medication, professional and family support and camaraderie, she has navigated some treacherous waters.

    I agree that education, communication and empathy can go a long way towards addressing and alleviating the enormous suffering people with depression can and do face, quite often, alone.

    Thanks for this sobering yet hopeful post.

    All the best,


    • Thank you very much for sharing, I am heartened to see your positive comments about your sister. I wish your sister and you well. There is always hope somewhere.

  2. Hey Norman-
    Personally, I do not suffer from mental illness… but I know people who are going through the struggle and are exploited through the media for viewership.
    It’s unfortunate that it takes celebrities like Kanye West and Mariah Carey to acknowledge their illness to not be judged by society.
    Hopefully, one day… everyone can be treated as equal despite their condition(s). Thanks for sharing your feelings!

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