Relaxation CD Review

One of the most effective ways to relax or meditate is to have relaxing music or sounds playing in the background. But there is some rubbish out there, so this relaxation CD review will help you choose one of the best.

100 Songs Relax

Picture Of Relax CD Case - Relaxation CD ReviewIt’s a very odd name for a CD but don’t let that put you off. It includes a whopping 4 CD’s, this to me means good value, but what about the quality?

I found all of the tracks to be of good quality, I heard no pops or hisses.


The CD contains not only relaxing music but also sounds of nature. So you can choose whatever suits you best. There is a lot of these CD’s so you will not be needing to change to CD over all the time.

The four  CD’s are divided into categories antistress, nature, meditation music and the last CD contains ambient music.

What’s It Good For

This CD will appeal to anyone who needs to relax or those who meditate frequently. If you suffer from anxiety and depression it is good to keep this CD handy. It is also good to consider this CD along side the ‘Somneo’, click here to read my Somneo review.


I feel this CD is good value for money and should be in your recovery toolkit. It’s great to just chill out to or to use to help you meditate or sleep.

I have one gripe, why do relaxation CD’s have gaps between tracks? I would much prefer if they just faded into the next track.

How do you relax, why don’t you share below or ask any questions and I will get back to you.- Relaxation CD Review







  1. I truly enjoyed this post. I am always meditating to some music or sounds on YouTube every morning, during the day, and when I go to sleep at night. The problem I have with those are the ads that are within the music.

    To be honest, I won’t look at the pause as a bad thing because it gives your mind a chance to reset but if it is doing a complete stop to go to the next song, that will bother your mindset as you listen. I just want to hear meditating, relaxing music with no ads, a pause or two would be fine with me. I would love to try these CDs.

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful CDs
    Cooki 🙂

  2. Hi..thanks for the post. And it’s very important to have breaks from your anxious and depressed thoughts.
    I suffered from anxiety and depression for 4 years so relaxation music was one of things that I used to overcome anxiety and depression.

    The challenge was always to find that good music that could have a positive impact on my thoughts. Thanks for the review.

  3. Depression is a serious thing and I believe your site is very informative for people dealing with it in this world today. I think music helps in many ways to soothe the mind and the soul. I wish more people would find this outlet in their lifes. I enjoyed your website and I think that it will help many people.

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