Philips Sunrise Wake Up Light Alarm Clock – The Review

Product Name: Philips Sunrise Wake Up Light Alarm Clock (Somneo)

Model Number: HF3650/60

Price: $179.95 (Correct 20.06.2018 Click Here to Check & See Other Currencies)

When you suffer from anxiety and or depression, trying to sleep well without the need for medication can become a nightmare, and inevitably make you feel more unwell. You find your natural rhythm goes out of the sync, and there is only one way to get that rhythm back. Read my review of the Philips Sunrise Wake Up Light Alarm Clock (Somneo) and sleep well again.

First Impressions Of The Philips Sunrise Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

A Picture of the Somneo Alarm by PhillipsThe Somneo looks very sleek and well-made. I have owned various Phillips products in the past, and I have always been very impressed with the build quality.

Its dimensions are 12″ Wide x 8.8″ High x 4.72 Deep, it is a nice size and fits well on my bedside table.

It looks good too and even though it’s a contemporary design it does not stand out too much next to my decor. The central part taking up space is the round lamp unit, with it’s off-center hole.

At the bottom of this round fascia, the clock is displayed. It is very tactile, and I felt the need to stroke it before leaving the room.

I found the clocks display quite easy to read, but I have read reviews of others having difficulty.

Set up

Setting up is a breeze, the alarm stores two wake-up settings, one for weekdays and one for weekends. So is good if you don’t get up so early at weekends, however, if you have children or cats this might not work so well.

The settings are easily accessed via the multi-level touch display. It is very intuitive, and I had it fully up and running within a few minutes.

Even though the multi-level touch display is on the front, the snooze button is in a more traditional location, on the top edge.

It is always a good idea to also have good sleep hygene, click here to read my article ‘Top Tips For A Good Nights Sleep‘.


A Picture Of Somneo In ActionThe alarm features sunrise and sunset simulation, the lamp changes color from soft red through to bright yellow and vice-versa for sunset. The colors fade into each other, so it is very natural indeed, so I can say that is very close to a real sunset or sunrise.

The lamp itself can be used as a reading lamp and it as twenty-five brightness settings. So you can use it like a night light or a brighter get out of bed in the middle of the night light.

You can wake up to one of seven natural sounds or white noise. You also have the choice of FM radio, or you can plug in your iPod via the aux input.

There is also a USB port so that you can charge your phone or other USB charged device.

A Battery backup is used in the event of power failure, and this will last for around eight hours.

Stand Out Feature

For me, the Relax Breathe is an outstanding feature that helps me relax and induces sleep, and this works alongside the sunset lamp. Following the breathing, sounds do help you fall asleep, and I would buy this alarm just for this feature alone.

The Relax Breath function as also been clinically tested and 79% of Soneo users report they fell asleep easier after using it for just two weeks. (MetrixLad, HUT Sept 2017, US N=113)

And 89% of Somneo owners would recommend this light to others after two weeks of use. That is a pretty high recommendation rate.

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Manufacturers Video

Below is the official video for the Philips Sunrise Wake Up Light Alarm Clock (Somneo), take a look at it in action.

Independent Verified Reviews

So I could rave on and on about this alarm clock, but what are other people saying. There are a range of views and the average rating on Amazon is 3.9/5.0 which is quite good. However, I would rate it much higher. You can read all the reviews over on Amazon. Just click the link below.

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My Views Of The Philips Sunrise Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

For someone that has suffered from depression and anxiety for many years, being able to fall asleep without medication has helped me. It feels more natural without the need for sleeping pills. For me, I have to give it a full five stars, just for that reason.

I feel it is a well-rounded alarm and is easy to use. Yes, it does not have all the bells and whistles of a connected alarm, but why on earth would you worry about that when you are going to get to sleep naturally.

The sunrise and sunset function helps get your rhythm back, and it’s a top buy, and I would easily recommend the Philips Sunrise Wake Up Light Alarm Clock (Somneo) to everyone I know that has trouble sleeping.

I have rated this alarm a massive 9.8. I only drop one point due to the cost. However, over time I think it will pay for itself by creating better sleep.

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  1. Darrin, this little clock is very aesthetically appealing in its round softness. And the ability to set natural noises to it, such as breathing sounds pretty good.

    Having two settings, week and weekend, looks good although we don’t have children. And our cat sleeps in too.

    I had a cat who accidentally figured out how to get our talking clock to talk by rubbing her head against it. As she was a early worm, she woke at sunrise and waited for the alarm to go off. Once she figured out how to make it talk, well to her that was the alarm.

    So in summer the ‘alarm’ would sound at sunup. That is 4:00 a.m.! That clock didn’t last long I can tell you.

    You have written a very thorough review and I appreciated reading it.


  2. My husband and I love the sunset and sunrise anyways. It would be great to have that within out bedroom. And the fact that it can charge our phones is amazing! Thanks for introducing us to this alarm clock. I have a questions; you say that it has upto 25 brightness adjustments. Is the strongest one enough for me to use to read?

  3. I have thought about getting a wake-up light alarm clock for a while. I wake up with no problem in the summer as the natural light comes in the window. But in the winter, it is easier to oversleep.

    Also, I think this Philips sunrise alarm clock would benefit me as I get seasonal depression. I think just having the light would help with that.

    • Hi, thanks for your comments. I agree the simulation of sunrise / sunset in the winter months would certainly benefit your Circadian Rhythm. 

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