Panic Attacks While Sleeping

This is a subject you hear very little about, but it is much more common than you think. This is a short article, I will expand on it as I find more information. Let’s take a look at what causes the attacks, and how to help with panic attacks while sleeping.

What Are Panic Attacks While Sleeping?

A picture of a woman in panic - Panic Attacks While SleepingSimply they are the same as a panic attack while you are awake. But they occur while you are asleep. They can also be known as nocturnal panic attacks.

Nocturnal panic attacks is a more appropriate name, as no one actually sleeps through them. They can happen at any point throughout the night, the person is usually asleep and awakens when the attack occurs.

Symptoms Of Panic Attacks While Sleeping

The most common of symptoms are waking suddenly, rapid heart rhythm, sweating, fight or flight adrenaline rush, shaking, feelings of panic. Some individuals also wake up with shortness of breath or panting, which is similar to sleep apnea. This is not an exhaustive list and will vary with each individual.

Are Panic Attacks While Sleeping Common?

Yes but it is very ill reported. Figures are generalized to cover all types of panic attacks, and are labeled ‘Anxiety Disorders’.

Around 40 million adults In the USA, 18.1% of the populations suffer from some form of anxiety disorder every year (Source ADDA 2018). There are no figures splitting out panic attacks while sleeping.

Causes Of Panic Attacks While Sleeping

As with every panic attack, past or recent traumatic events can trigger panic attacks while sleeping. Also, vivid nightmares can trigger them.

Audible and visual hallucinations can be a common factor. Consuming any quantity of recreational drugs is known to cause psychotic episodes that can exasperate the symptoms and causes.

Help to Stop Panic Attacks While Sleeping

Chamomile Tea - Panic Attacks While SleepingIf you visit a healthcare professional it is highly likely that you will be given pills to relax you and help you sleep.

There are more natural alternatives. I have mentioned these several times in other articles, but the common staple of a good nights sleep is to go to bed at set times and no napping in the daytime.

Use aromas such as lavender. Drink no caffeine after lunchtime. Keep your sleep cycle in sync. I recommend the Somneo relaxation and light alarm clock to do this.

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Also, keep electronics to a minimum. And drink chamomile tea before bedtime. A lot of people like to have relaxing music or sounds playing.

Panic Attacks While Sleeping – Conclusion

Throughout this article, I have discussed the symptoms, causes and possible cures for panic attacks while sleeping. As I mentioned earlier it is not a widely studied area, but it seems quite common when you start to look for it.

I would be very interested in hearing your experiences of panic attacks while sleeping and how you overcome it. Please leave your comments below.

If you have any questions please go ahead and ask, I will always answer. Also, if you think someone would benefit from reading this article, please share using the buttons below.



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