Nature Sounds For Depression Symptom Relief

Nature sounds can bring calmness to the most troubled of minds. I have found myself that many sounds will help me when I feel unwell. But there is also two sides to this, some sounds make my symptoms much worse. We look at what are the best nature sounds for depression symptom relief.

What Are Nature Sounds?

A nature sound is something that is naturally produced, with no input from a human. So, for example, waves lapping on a beach or the trickling of a stream will be classed as a nature sound.

You can also class sounds that animals make, such as birds tweeting or bees buzzing.

Real or Recorded?

Any healthcare professional will try to get a person suffering with depression to go outdoors. So this would be the obvious choice, to go outdoors and listen to nature sounds. But we all don’t live near the countryside, so we need access to music streaming of CD’s.

Using a pre-recorded nature sounds means you will not be interrupted and you will not face anxieties of meeting other people or leaving the house.

Nature sounds can be as effective as music therapy.

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Sounds To Avoid

In nature there are sounds that are best avoided. For some people the sound of thunder or storms can cause more anxiety and exasperate depression symptoms.

Also sometimes it is possible to hear a pattern in the sounds. I find this when listening to some random countryside sounds and there is a high pitch noise coming from a bird. This alone is okay but with many recordings it is repeated and I find this distracting and makes my listening experience poor.

So looping nature sounds are best avoided unless there is a long loop, so, for example, if the sounds play for at least thirty minutes before starting again.

Best Nature Sounds

A Leafy Road - Nature Sounds For Depression Symptom ReliefFor me there are two sounds that help me the most, wind in the trees and waves lapping on a beach. I find these sounds very calming and helps me settle and think more. They are also fantastic at inducing sleep!

But many also find the sound of flowing rivers calming too.

It is best try different types when you are feeling well and have them prepared ready for when you need them. Trying to find relaxing nature sounds when your unwell can cause more distress.

Combination Therapy

You can use nature sounds with many other therapies. I mentioned music therapy earlier, nature sounds makes a good alternative to the music. But also you can use nature sounds for meditation and sleep inducement.

It is best to try out these forms of therapy and different combinations to find what best suits you. And you can see which helps you the most.

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In this short article we have looked at how nature sounds can help with depression symptoms. We talked about which sounds are best and how combining them with other therapies can be beneficial.

Do you use nature sounds to relax or help with anxiety or depression? When not drop a comment below. If you have questions please ask, I will always respond.

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