Music Therapy And Depression

When we talk about cures and treatments for depression, it is rare that anyone ever mentions music therapy. But it is a cost-effective and flexible treatment for depression and anxiety. In this article, I take a look into music therapy and depression.

It’s All In The Choice, For Music Therapy And Depression

A Lady Listening To Music Through Headphones - Music Therapy And DepressionIt is a common fact that music can calm the savage beast. It is also known to be a contributing factor in easing and helping people with depression and anxiety.

But sometimes you can make the wrong choice. It’s important to find the music that suits you. For me, if I am feeling unsettled, I cannot listen to music containing singing. It drives me nuts.

I find classical or ambient music the best possible choice. But in my research, I have discovered options differ from person to person. Some people like pop and at times even rock. But it has been found that heavy metal can cause manic episodes. Maybe too much noise and manic singing trigger this.

The best way to choose is to listen to the music when you are feeling well. And decide which tracks make you feel the most relaxed. It may also be a case of choosing tracks that also make you feel happy.

You can find many streaming music services out there that can play you a constant supply of the chosen type. I use Amazon Music service, and this is a cost-effective form of accessing the music that calms me. But a significant advantage is that they organize music into stations too.

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Of course another benefit of streaming music, it can go everywhere., And most phones and smart speakers can quickly meet your needs.

Cost-Effective Treatment

When I was researching, I started looking at the people who perform music therapy. There seems to be no legal requirement to show relevant qualifications. And the costs seem to vary from one extreme to another.

On Average, it ranged from $60 through to the $100’s. There seems to be no middle or common ground on pricing or qualification. This pricing in itself makes me very cautious. A lot of people go for the most expensive, thinking they will get better results if they pay more. And that, of course, this is untrue, many over-priced therapies make a living of people thinking that way.

I think after undertaking this research, I know I would choose my choice of music and try that first.

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Still Need A Music Therapist

Seeking advice from your healthcare professional would be wise. They will possibly have an insight into this kind of therapy. If they are unable to suggest a therapist, then are you sure you should be with them in the first place.

However, I would always go with the advice of a professional, over the opinion of someone trying to sell to me over a website.

Combination Therapy

Combining music and other therapies is an excellent idea, and it works well for many people. Meditation and music is my perfect mix, make sure these are in place for when the time comes. If you are unwell, you don’t want to be without music and no idea how to meditate.

You can download a free meditation eBook by clicking here.

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In this article, I have talked about the advantages of music therapy and depression. I have also covered some pitfalls and made some suggestions from my own experience.

I would be very interested in hearing from you if you have used music therapy, please leave your comments below.

As always I am delighted to answer your questions, leave them below and I will get back to you.

If you feel someone would benefit from reading this article, please go ahead and share. You really could be helping them!



  1. You have tackled a difficult issue. Being someone who struggles from depression, I know all too well acquainted with the battle. I appreciate what you have written about music as a therapy. I agree with you and hope you will follow up with an article focusing on specific types of music and how each one might be effective for the treatment of depression. I personally enjoy listening to pop or gospel when I am feeling blue!
    Thank you for sharing this and for doing this research. It is a difficult issue, but I think you have written about it very well and thoughtfully!

    • Thank you for your comments, I agree that pop and gospel can be very heart lifting. Within you well. 🙂

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