Meditation For Depression And Anxiety

Meditation is one of the best tools you have available to combat depression and anxiety is meditation. Just practicing for ten minutes a day can make a huge difference to your life. In this short article ‘Meditation For Depression And Anxiety,’ we look at a basic ten-minute meditation to you up for the day or to calm yourself.

Find Time And Space

A Comfy Chair - Meditation For Depression And AnxietyChoose the best time for you, the time when you feel most anxious or your symptoms are at a high level. For me an early morning session is more beneficial it helps to set my mind up for a positive day. But everyone is different and you may need meditation at other times too.

A ten-minute meditation is all it takes to bring mindfulness and calmness.

Set the scene. Make sure you have a comfortable and quiet space. I know this can be difficult if you live in a busy and full household. Using headphones can help with this and make sure people know you are about to meditate.

Being comfortable is also a must, so a comfy chair or even laying on your bed is good for meditation.

You can use scents to help too, lavender is my smell of choice when meditating. But try not to choose something that is too harsh or stimulating.

Select soothing music, this can be classical or even sounds like the sea crashing on the shore. Choose nothing with singing or a rapid tempo. Combining music therapy and meditation is a great way to help ease the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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Let’s Begin

Meditating at Sunrise - Meditation For Depression And AnxietySit or lay down and place your hands on your lap or by your knees. Start now to concentrate on your breath, feel how it flows in and out through your nose or mouth. Now see the breath filling your body until it is full and then see it released back into the world.

Count, one (breath in), two (hold for a few seconds), Three (breath out). Now keep repeating this continuing until you reach the end of your meditation time, or until you feel totally at peace.

Don’t worry if thoughts appear or you mind wonders. Just bring yourself back to your breath and count again.

Try to do this for at least ten minutes you can go longer if you wish. If you fall asleep while meditating, do not worry. This can be beneficial to you and shows you have relaxed.

Meditation For Depression And Anxiety

Meditation can benefit many people and is an effective treatment for depression and anxiety, but it is also a good way to unwind from a busy day or to just relax and be mindful.

In this article, I have shown you a way to meditate every day for just ten minutes. This short but potent meditation for depression and anxiety helps me when I am feeling the symptoms of my illness.

What experiences do you have of meditation? How does it help you? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.

Have questions, please ask them below. I will always answer!

Please share this article with your friends, many people will enjoy this short meditation.


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