Grandiose Type Delusional Disorder

Don’t let the title of this article put you off, this article looks at what grandiose type delusional disorder is and who can suffer from it. We also take a look at the symptoms and, any treatments.

What On Earth Does Grandiose Type Delusional Disorder Mean?

So let’s start by splitting this disorder up. There are two words here we need to focus on, grandiose by definition means ‘affectedly grand or important’ . And delusional means ‘having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions’. So the whole title of this article means, ‘being grand or important with false and unrealistic beliefs’.

Okay so now we have sorted out let’s start answering some of the most common questions.

What Are The Symptoms?

A Lady Outside with Lots Of Shopping Bags - Grandiose Type Delusional DisorderThe most obvious symptoms are the outward extravagance of how someone is behaving. This can be spending money on expensive items and thinking the money will never run out. Buying many items on credit cards and finance. Bragging about things you have purchased and how much they cost. Buying designer clothes and showing them off.

Telling people you work in a brilliant job and earn lots of money and, you are soon going to be promoted or will be running the company. Also investing lots of money into schemes or scams thinking you are going to gain a huge return.

Buying expensive gifts for friends and family, and throwing lavish parties where money is no object.

They feel euphoric after spending money.

The person thinks they are invincible and don’t see the danger, they feel sleep or rest is not needed.

It is important to note that the sufferer does not see any of these symptoms, they are normal to them. So it is often others that identify these indicators.

Presenting as being dishonest and telling lies that become more elaborate with time.

Who Suffers From Grandiose Type Delusional Disorder?

Anyone can suffer from this mental illness, it can be triggered by many things. A lot of people say it was triggered by a significant happening in their lives, such as a death or loss of a job or money. it is often diagnosed along with other mental illnesses, such as bipolar, depression and anxiety.

How Can This Disorder Affect The Sufferer?

A Sad Looking Man, Looking Down - Grandiose Type Delusional DisorderThis disorder can help to feed depression and anxiety. The person does not sleep or rest and this can severely affect the sufferer. They start to look tired and run down and frequently unsettled. Many also suffer from racing thoughts and agitation.

Eventually, money runs out and they end up trying to find alternate ways to make money. Again looking at investing in schemes or finding loans, but as with anything, this will stop being offered.

Increasing anxiety and restlessness becomes to the surface.

Because the mind is so focused on money and grandiose things they often skip meals and neglect their self-care.

Debt starts to also build up and letters, calls, and final demands are all deflected and most letters will be hidden away. Calls will become unanswered and they would very rarely answer the door to visitors. Become isolated is very common.

In extreme cases, It can lead to suicidal and self-harming thoughts and behaviors. And on occasion, it can lead to thoughts of harming others.

Can It Be Cured?

It can be treated. A combination of medication and, talking therapies often help. In extreme cases, the person would be admitted to a hospital to further control the symptoms and allowing the doctors to use stronger medications.

There are natural alternatives such as 5-HTP (read more about 5-HTP by clicking here) and Meditation can be a very good alternative when combined together. You can download a free sixty-minute meditation by clicking here.

Remember to always consult your healthcare professional before taking any medication, even if it is a natural remedy.

Do you have any experience of grandiose type delusional disorder? Please share your thoughts and questions below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.




  1. Hey there,
    Thanks for sharing. I’ve found your article helpful.
    I don’t have direct experience on it, and I feel lucky for this reason. Anyway, I think all of us have at least one time in life a period of weaknesses.
    I have a friend who spends his money on those machines where you put in cash and hope to gain more of it. I don’t remember how do you name them…
    Anyway, he has a severe problem, and his girlfriend doesn’t know what the factor that caused that problem and how to help him, as he is doing nothing to solve his illness.

    • Hi, thank you for your comments. The way to help your friend is to help them recognize that they have an illness, this can be done in many ways, but being subtle and just having a chat about how things are could lead into that conversation. It can be a battle to help. many people who suffer from this illness can also suffer with denial. One word of advice, never give up on your friend, be there for them when they need you.

  2. This is great content. Very useful indeed.
    I like most love seeing the passion out there, the many ways we can help others. I’m all for helping others and making people feel confident and comfortable.
    I’m sure you will lots of viewers your content is great :-
    I want to hear more personal experiences it’s what captures an audience

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