Depression Free Method – Rubbish?

Product Name : Depression Free Method

Contents : eBook, Audio Files. Bonus content Insomnia Relief Methods and Homeopathic Remedies for Depression.

Price : $67.95 (Around £53) Reduced From $138.

Delivery Method : Digital Download

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Having suffered with depression for over 18 years I have tried most things. From medication to talking therapies, with little or no impact. Many therapies are face to face, but when you suffer with anxiety this is not so great. They try to give me medication to reduce the anxiety so I can get to these therapies, but I have become medication resistant. So I try to keep open-minded with any methods I find, I do favour more written or audio visual approaches.

When I came across Depression Free Method I decided to take a look, here is my full and frank review.

First Impressions of Depression Free Method

When I first came across their website my thought was ‘too much information’! There is loads of writing on the page, so I decided to bookmark the page to come back later. The first thing I noticed was the large headline ‘8-Years Depression Sufferer Dismisses His Psychiatrist (Who He Visits Every Single Week) By Curing His Depression Permanently Without Expensive Medication!’


That is some claim. But cutting through the fluff and over-dramatic headlines the content starts to get interesting. I started to get more interested when I started to read ‘know your depression facts’. This section really does tackle assumptions made about depression. This to me stood out and made me feel that this person knows what he is talking about.


The page then goes onto the causes of depression and the depression cycle, which is ‘The Main Cause of Depression’ > Self Denial & Procrastination > Prolonged Depressive Moods And Symptoms > Temporary Withdrawal Of Symptoms with Medication and Psychotherapy > (back to the start of the cycle, repeat). So in theory breaking this cycle should help with depression.

Depression Cycle Graphic - Depression Free Method

Who Is This Guy?

At this point I break and talk about the writer of Depression Free Method, he seems to know his stuff, but does he have the gravitas? The content and course are written by Dan Micheals he was a depression sufferer who cured himself using the methods outlined in his course. He spent over ten years of research and psychology to create this system. He as the experience both personal and professional to make this course and substantiate the claims listed on his site.

What Can This Course Do For You

  1. Enables you to anticipate the likely consequences of your actions, so you could use your self-awareness to stay out of hurtful situations.
  2. Teaches you to become more engaged with your life, so you could reconnect yourself to your feelings and enjoy pleasure giving daily activities like you used to.
  3. Coaches you to take on any kinds of challenges, so you will not fear failure and instead enjoy the pleasure of conquering the obstacles presented to you.
  4. Make you strong and competent again, so that the thoughts of helplessness, worthlessness and self blaming will become a thing of the past.
  5. Helps you to think and act in a powerful, goal-oriented fashion, so you could get back on track with your life goals and attain success that you’ve always longed for.
  6. Guide you to develop a personalized plan for change, so you will overcome situations and emotions like stress that triggers depression.
  7. Teaches you to stop avoiding social situations, so you can have stronger bonds with people who care about you like your family, friends and even new people whom you get to meet.
  8. Coaches you to balance different areas in your life, so you will make vital lifestyle changes that speeds up your healing process.
  9. Teaches you to avoid perfectionism and frustration, so you could solve problems effectively instead of harping the negative consequences and unable to move on.
  10. Enables you to anticipate the likely consequences of your actions, so you could use your self-awareness to stay out of hurtful situations.


Okay so it’s great to hear what the producer of a course as to say, but it’s not as good as real reviews and feedback from users of this course. Below are just a few screenshots of the feedback left at the Depression Free Method website.

Testimonial One - Depression Free Method

Testimonial Two - Depression Free Method

Testimonial Three - Depression Free Method

This is just a small selection, you can read many more over on their website by clicking here.

My Verdict of Depression Free Method


  1. Written by a sufferer and qualified psychologist, 10 years of research went into the course.
  2. The natural way to cure depression without medication.
  3. Targets the cause of your depression.
  4. Low cost and no repeating costs.
  5. Secure payments.
  6. 90 day money back guarantee.
  7. Lots of user testimonials
  8. Free bonus materials and audio.
  9. Lots of detailed information (eventually).


  1. No instant cure, you need to persevere to receive the benefits.
  2. Website initially looks full of fluff ,until you scroll around a quarter down the page.
  3. Download only (but you can print it).

If you have been suffering with depression for many years, like myself I think this is a great course and can help you be ‘cured’ or ‘better’, but you should remember to always stick to the course and keep going. If you use this course and you start to feel better you should discuss this with your healthcare professional. Do not just stop taking your medication when you start this course, you must always discuss this first and find a safe way to slowly come off your medication.

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Have you tried this course? Please share your thoughts below. Please also post any questions you may have and I will get back to you as soon as possible.






  1. Lately I only work and I need to be more engaged with my life. I tried a couple of things but I did not see any progress. I would like to try this out and I wonder how long it takes to see results about my problem. Do you think am I able to see a positive difference in a month?

    • Thanks for the comment, it certainly can help you. But it would be difficult to say it would help within a month. We are all very different, so timescales can vary. The essential thing is to stick at it and do the course daily to get the best results possible. I hope that helps.

  2. Hi Darrin,
    Thank you for sharing.
    Depression is a current topic. Many people suffer from it.
    What I also find helpful are the audio programs.
    At the same time, books can help you to understand the causes that led to your depression. And if you can eliminate the reasons, the cure can be even more efficient.
    Have you read this ebook?

    • Hi, thanks for the comments. Yes I read it, it is pretty good at focusing on the root causes of depression. Sometimes having foresight is the hardest thing.

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