Colors That Help You Sleep

There has been a lot of publicity about blue being a color that can stop you from sleeping, especially the blue light emitted from our electronics. But what about the colors that help you sleep?

Colors That Help You Sleep A Contradiction

Okay, Blue gets bad press, but painting your walls a beautiful shade of blue can help promote a better nights sleep. Blue is a lovely, relaxing color, and it is only the blue light emitted by electronics that causes us not to feel sleepy, by reducing the production of melatonin.

What Is Melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone produced in the penal gland and regulates sleep and wakefulness. It can be found in some sleeping pills, but it as not researched enough to show any benefit. The best way to generate melatonin is through light therapy or color therapy.

Melatonin will help regulate the circadian rhythm, and this is the biological process of 24 hours passing, this is what is widely referred to as the body clock.

Mellow Yellow

Pastel Color Pallett - Colors That Help You SleepAny color if it is a pastel shade is soothing. Even though Yellow should be avoided, pastel shades of yellow are okay. Yellow is often attributed to waking up, and this is one of the sunrise colors. These colors are used to wake up light alarms.

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Recent studies Are showing that cyan showing in our electronic screen can also affect the production of melatonin. So like the blue on the screen, reducing cyan levels can help promote sleep. You can click here to read the full report on the BBC news website.

Balancing Your Colors

In an earlier article, I discuss the use of colors and patterns on your bedroom walls [you can access that article here]. Using the combination of pastel greens and blues is a good start and make sure you chose pictures and wall coverings without a busy pattern, plain is best.

The best way to balance color is to have just one wall painted one color and the remaining the other color.


Many people consider white to be a clinical color, and it is often associated with hospitals. However, it can create a distraction-free and calming environment. But attention to lighting would be needed, and bright white lights would make the room harsh. So softer warm white lighting is best, an example of this can be seen in the Somneo Light Alarm Clock.

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Colors That Help You Sleep

So to recap, it is best to avoid all electronics in the bedroom. This will help to cut out cyan and blue. Use only plain and pastel colors to create a subtle and relaxing environment. If you have white, use appropriate lighting.

Don’t have busy wall art, keep this to a minimum or none at all.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my article ‘Colors That Help You Sleep.’ Do you have a calming color? If so, please share in the comment section below.

If you have any question, please ask below. I will always respond.



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